Sip & See Parties: The Perfect Way For Everyone to Meet your New Baby

By: Nikki Banks

Are you a new parent or expecting a bundle of joy in the near future?  Often after announcing that there’s a new baby in the house, you’ll see family and friends come out the woodwork trying to connect with you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or fifth, everyone wants to see you and the little one!  You can’t really blame them – babies are the cutest!  

Photo Credit: Andrew Somera

We get it, though.  It can be overwhelming when everyone wants to see you and your new baby, and let’s be honest, the first couple of weeks with a newborn can get a little crazy!  We totally understand if the last thing you want is to coordinate visits with different friends and relatives every other day. So what do you do? Throw a sip and see party!

Sip and see parties are the perfect opportunity to let all your extended family and friends come meet the new baby, but at a time and place that’s convenient for you.  Generally, couples open their home for a few hours for family and friends to stop by at their leisure.  However, if your place is a mess and you don’t have the time or energy to pull it together (Who can blame you? You’re a new parent, after all!), you can rent out a private room at your favorite restaurant, use a friend’s house, or host at a neighborhood park instead.  The party can be casual or formal.  It’s completely up to you and what works for your family.

Photo Credit: Andrew Somera

Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!  If you have any questions or want some specific ideas, reach out to us!  We’re always here to help.  

Finally, congratulations on the new addition to your family!  We hope you have fun celebrating your little babe with family and friends.  


Cover Image Credit: Andrew Somera