Five Personalized Etsy Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

By: Nikki Banks

Bridesmaids – you love them, you hate them, you can’t do it without them!  As some of your closest friends and family, these women support you through your best and worst days. While it seems nearly impossible to try to thank your bridesmaids for all that they do for you, fear not! There are many customizable gift ideas to choose from that your gals are guaranteed to love. So where do you start shopping?  Our go-to spot to look for unique, customizable gifts is Etsy.

Warning: Etsy has such a vast selection of great gift ideas to choose from that it’s difficult to cut yourself off once you start shopping! You could scroll for hours, but since you have more important things to do (like plan a wedding!), check out this quick list covering five of our favorite personalized mementos that are perfect for any girl squad.

1.  Personalized Wine or Champagne Bottles

Getting married is certainly something to cheers to; now, give your crew something to cheers with! Wine labels (mini and full size) can be customized to fit your style, color scheme, or even your wedding hashtag. These fun labels can be placed on nearly every type of wine bottle, so you can customize your favorite bottle of bubbles or your crew’s preferred wine. While traditionally used as a “bridesmaid proposal gift,” we love the idea of mini champagne bottles for each girl to sip on the morning of the wedding!  Pair it with a handwritten note or a fun straw; if you go full size, include a cute bottle stopper to complete the gift!

(Photo and Design Credit: Paper and Petals Co)

Custom Wine Label - Small Details
(Photo and Design Credit: Small Details Label)

2.  Birthstone Jewelry

We always love the classic gift of jewelry, but we’re partial to anything that includes birthstones.  It’s a thoughtful way to show each bridesmaid you were thinking specifically of her!  Including initials is another sweet way to personalize each gift.

Birthstone bracelet - CA Souls
(Photo and Design Credit: CA Souls)

Birthstone necklace - Danique Jewelry
(Photo and Design Credit: Danique Jewelry)

3.  Robes

We love the concept of uniting the bride tribe with matching (or mix and match!) robes on your wedding day. Robes add a luxurious element to the time your bridal party spends preparing for the ceremony, and your friends will be reminded of your special day every time they wear their robes in the future.  Plus, robes will make you and your girls look glamorous in photos!  We suggest personalizing each robe with names or bridal party roles, such as “Maid of Honor.”

Bridesmaid robes/bridal robe - Love Meets Craft
(Photo and Design Credit: Love Meets Craft)

Bridesmaid robes - Nela and Company

(Photo and Design Credit: Nela and Company)

4.  Engraved Picture Frames

Whether it’s a picture of you and your whole bridal party, or just you and one of your maids, an engraved frame is a touching gift that can be appreciated by everyone.  Pro tip: include the wedding date and a sweet message on the back of the photo!

Engraved frame - Flowertown Weddings
(Photo and Design Credit: Flowertown Weddings)

Laser cut Maid of Honor frame - Legacy Images
(Photo and Design Credit: Legacy Images)

Engraved bridesmaid frame - Next Level Engraving
(Photo and Design Credit: Next Level Engraving)

5.  Bags

We are firm believers that you can never have too many bags – big or small, we want them all!  Whether it’s a tote for the bachelorette party, a cosmetics pouch for the day of, or a clutch for the after party, bags are a fun and functional gift that can be used over and over again.

Cosmetics bag - Hint of Juniper
(Photo and Design Credit: Hint of Juniper)

Bridesmaid tote bag - Erika Lesavage Design
(Photo and Design Credit: Erika Lesavage Design)

We hope that this list helped provide some major gift inspiration! If you are still scouring the interwebs for the perfect thank you gifts, remember that your girls will love anything that you give them because they love you! Let us know what your favorite bridesmaid gift ideas are in the comments below.

Cover Photo Credit: Melanie Duerkopp Photography